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PROHIBITED CONTENT 1. The sales or promotion for fraudulent and counterfeit goods using the exact copy of some other trademark or logo. 2. Google's business should be safe for all online and offline users. We don't allow the marketing of products such as explosives, radioactive chemicals, toxics, or any substance which can cause harm, injury, and damage. 3. Google assistance doesn't empower dishonest services, for instance, instruction of any hacking, Artificial designed software to boost ad or website traffic, fake, or any academics cheating services. 4. Google principles have respect for other individuals; that is why we strictly avoid offensive ads or destinations, which depicts shocking, hatred, discrimination, or violent content. PROHIBITED PRACTICES 1. Google ads are displayed all over the Google Network around the globe, so we want it to be useful, varied, relevant, and safe for users. So, it doesn't allow advertisers who try to trick or bypass our ad review processes to run ads, content, or destinations. 2. Google wants all users to trust in their technology that the data given by them will be handled with proper care. It neither misuse the information nor copies it for unclear purposes such as phone number, national identity, pension, social security, tax id, and any other status. 3. We do not want users to feel deceived by advertising, so we aim to ensure that advertisements are clear and honest. We do not permit advertising or destinations to misguide users by excluding relevant information or misleading product, service, or business information such as weight loss or financial gain, collecting donations under false purposes. RESTRICTED CONTENT AND FEATURES 1. The advertisement should obey legal regulations; therefore, we don't allow certain kinds of adult content in advertisement and destinations. Some kind of adult content is allowed if they are promoting being under the policies. But they will only be seen in limited scenarios based on user search queries, user age, and local laws. Some examples of restricted adult content are strip clubs, erotic cinemas, sex toys, sexual enhancement products, nudity, and many more. 2. We also avoid advertisements related to alcohol and smoke or anything that resembles toxic consumption. Some kind of alcohol-related ads are allowed, but only if they meet the policies of the country, which are also explicitly allowed to show alcohol ads. 3. We accept local copyright laws and protect the rights of copyright holders. So, we do not permit illegal advertising to use copyrighted content. 4. We promote responsible gambling marketing and respect local gambling laws and industry standards, so some forms of gambling-related advertisements are not allowed. If the following policies requirements are followed, and the advertiser has been given Google Ads certification, gambling-related ads are allowed. 5. We are dedicated to following healthcare and medicine advertising regulations and therefore expect advertising and destinations to comply with relevant legislation and industry standards. 6. We promote effective political advertising and hope that local elections and election laws follow in all policy areas. This policy includes "silence periods," which are legally mandated. EDITORIAL & TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS 1. Google requires high technical and editorial standards for all ads, extensions, and destinations to provide a good user experience. 2. When clicking on an ad, we want customers to have a good experience, so ad destinations should give users a unique value and be interactive, usable, and easy to navigate. 3. We only accept ads with specific requirements for each ad format in order to provide you with a better user experience and to provide attractive, professionally-looked ads. 4. Remember that in photo advertising, video ads, and other non-text ad formats, we do not allow non-family safe ads. Read more about our adult content policy