Dana White believes 'Boxing is in Big Trouble'; Criticizes the Promoters

Jack Ol
Fri Sep,2020
Dana White believes 'Boxing is in Big Trouble'; Criticizes the Promoters Boxing

UFC President Dana White recently talked about rival sports after Tuesday’s ‘Dana White’s Contender Series and revealed that boxing is trouble. He blamed the promoters for this state of the sport.

White initially talked about all the upcoming events and his plans during this pandemic. He was later asked about his thoughts on the current situation of boxing with respect to UFC. He revealed that the UFC is growing but belives the promoters are making differences on that. 

He pointed out the reasons and said:

“That’s a tough question to answer. I could maybe give you a thousand reasons why boxing is in trouble. I’ve been saying it for twenty years, and now we’re getting to a point where it’s really bad and it’s in big trouble.”

Dana White also said that only investing in the sport will keep it alive and ensure it lasts. He listed many forms the UFC is able to do, something that in the boxing industry really hasn't happened. White added saying:

“The number one reason is because these promoters that have been doing this for 30-40 years never invested money back into the sport. Ever boxing match that is going on is a going out of the business sale. ‘Let’s get as much money as possible out of these people and get the F**K out of town’. That’s a boxing match and that is just not how you run a business. That’s not how you build a sport and that is not how you create longevity within your sport.”