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Serhii Adamchuk is a Ukrainian kickboxer who has competed at the sport's highest level. He is a former Glory featherweight champion and a three-time featherweight title challenger. Adamchuk has also represented his country in the W.A.K.O. World Amateur Championships, where he won a bronze medal in 2007. 

How Much is Serhii Adamchuk's Net Worth?

Adamchuk's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. His primary source of income is derived from his successful kickboxing career, supplemented by earnings from endorsements and sponsorships. Having participated in renowned kickboxing promotions like Glory, K-1, and Bellator, he has achieved distinction by winning multiple titles and honors. 

Serhii-AdamchukSerhii Adamchuk has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of now.  Image Source: Instagram@adamchukserhii


Additionally, he has gained visibility through features in publications and television programs such as Men’s Health, Fight Channel, and Glory Rewind. He lives a modest and comfortable lifestyle and spends his money wisely.

Early Life & Background

Adamchuk was born in Kryvyi Rih, a city in central Ukraine, on February 7, 1990. Growing up in a town with a rich warrior culture, established by the Cossacks- a semi-nomadic tribe recognized for their courage and martial abilities- Adamchuk developed an early interest in martial arts. In his youth, he commenced formal training in kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Sambo- a Russian mixed martial art system. 

Adamchuk's dedication and talent drove him to compete as an amateur, and he secured multiple national and international titles, including the W.A.K.O. World Amateur Championship in 2007.

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Professional Kickboxing Career

Adamchuk moved to professional status in 2008, featuring mostly in Ukraine and Russia, securing a 28-4 record before his debut in Glory in 2015. His debut match was taken with short notice against Marat Grigorian, who later became the lightweight champion, and Adamchuk won decisively with a unanimous decision.

Moreover, during a K-1 reserve match in Japan, he won with a split decision against Kazuya Akimoto. Later, Adamchuk triumphed against Anvar Boynazarov at a cross-promotional event with Bellator MMA, winning over a unanimous decision.

Glory Featherweight Champion

Due to his exceptional performances, Adamchuk secured a title opportunity against Gabriel Varga, the reigning Glory featherweight champion, at Glory 25: Milan. Employing his speed, agility, and counter-striking abilities, Adamchuk effectively outpointed Varga and claimed the belt through a unanimous decision victory.

The fighter then successfully defended his title twice, first against Mosab Amrani, the contender tournament winner, at Glory 28: Paris, and subsequently against Mohammed El-Mir, a late replacement, at Glory 29: Copenhagen.

Losing & Regaining The Title

In a rematch against Varga at Glory 32: Virginia, Varga exhibited a more aggressive approach, landing more strikes, while Adamchuk displayed decreased activity and appeared to fade in the later rounds. Consequently, Varga reclaimed the title by majority decision, marking Adamchuk's first loss in Glory.

Serhii-AdamchukSerhii Adamchuk alongside his coach. Image Source: Instagram@adamchukserhii 


Following this, he participated in the featherweight contender tournament at Glory 33: New Jersey, encountering a close split decision defeat to Giga Chikadze in the semifinals.

Following a unanimous decision victory over Dylan Salvador at Glory 42: Paris, Adamchuk challenged the new featherweight champion, Robin van Roosmalen, at Glory 45: Amsterdam. Despite his courageous display, van Roosmalen's strength and dominance led to a unanimous decision win.

Subsequently, at Glory 39: Brussels, Adamchuk achieved unanimous decision victories over Nafi Bilalovski and Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao, securing another opportunity at the title.

Three-time Title Challenger

Adamchuk contended for the vacant featherweight title against Petchpanomrung at Glory 63: Houston after van Roosmalen's belt was revoked for a weight violation. Despite Adamchuk's efforts to pressure and clinch, Petchpanomrung's superior range and timing secured him a unanimous decision victory.

Thereafter, at Glory 67: Orlando, Adamchuk engaged in a close and contentious fight with Kevin VanNostrand, ultimately losing by unanimous decision.

Serhii-AdamchukSerhii Adamchuk is a Ukrainian kickboxer.  Image Source: Instagram@adamchukserhii 


Not only that, Adamchuk secured a TKO win over Abraham Vidales at Glory 72: Chicago. It ended tragically, as Vidales broke his arm while blocking a kick. In a rematch against Aleksei Ulianov, Adamchuk came ahead with a split decision win at Glory 74: Collision 21, after avenging his previous loss. 

Despite his efforts, he failed to secure a victory in his third fight against Petchpanomrung at Glory 75: Utrecht, eventually losing again by unanimous decision.

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Recent Fights & Future Plans

Adamchuk recently fought Kento Haraguchi, one of Japan's promising fighters, at Glory Rivals 4. In a highly competitive and entertaining matchup, Adamchuk lost via a unanimous decision. He currently holds a record of 40-15 as a professional kickboxer and is ranked #6 in the Glory featherweight division.

Despite his loss, the star remains one of the most experienced and skilled fighters in his division, and he has expressed a keen desire to fight for the title. He is also open to competing in other promotions and countries, a trend he has maintained throughout his career. Adamchuk is a true fighter who delivers excitement and passion to the ring.

What is the Relationship Status is Serhii Adamchuk?

Serhii Adamchuk is presently unattached and not involved in any romantic relationships. He has emphasized his complete dedication to his kickboxing career, which leaves him with little time for a romantic commitment. Adamchuk values privacy regarding his personal life and prefers not to disclose details about his romantic endeavors to the media.

While he seeks a supportive, understanding, and loyal partner who shares his values and interests, he is not in a rush to settle down and start a family, envisioning that he may come across his soulmate at the opportune time.

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