48 Years American Olympics Gymnast Skater McKayla Maroney's Earning From Her Profession and Net Worth She Has Achieved

Tue Aug,2018
48 Years American Olympics Gymnast Skater McKayla Maroney's Earning From Her Profession and Net Worth She Has Achieved Gymnast

We are sure that readers may already be aware of Mckalyla Maroney who is a retired American gymnast who has won multiple gold medal with the US Olympics gymnastics team. Her contribution to the nation is noteworthy and certainly praiseworthy.


However, it is not what has made her famous but a photograph of her with a not impressed expression taken during the 2012 Olympics after taking winning the silver place which became an Internet meme and made her popular.

McKayla is one of the best female gymnasts and is also the part of the American team that won the 2011 gold. If you are wondering as a reader how her career has been and how much fortune she has made from her profession then continue with the gossip to find out all about it.

McKayla Maroney Net Worth

The gold medalist who helped her country win various gold medals in the Olympics and someone whose picture has become a meme in the internet, Maroney has a strong financial position with her net worth being estimated to be at $4 million.

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As a member of the US national team, she must have gotten paid really well. Her former team member Gabby Douglas had the reported salary of $100,000 and being one of the members of the same team, she should have had the same salary as well. Furthermore, she has been endorsed by 10 calorie sodas from Dr. Pepper Snapple Group in the past which has also helped to increase revenue in the past.

Maroney's Career

Maroney had the dream of someday going to the Olympics from a very young age and she trained hard and well to achieve that dream. During her Junior Level career, she did not have much of an impact.

However, on her very first senior-level competition, she won the title of the best all-around gymnast in 2011. She started to gain more attention from her senior-level performance and got the opportunity to obtain international experience as well.

The same year that she won the title of the best all-around gymnast, she became the World Vault Champion at the World Artistic Gymnastics championship. The following year in the 2012 Summer Olympics, she further heightened the impressiveness of her talent when she won a Gold medal as part of the US gymnastics team which included Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross, and Jordyn Wieber. She also won a silver medal in her individual performance in the vault.

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While winning a silver medal would still be the highlight for most athletes, Maroney showed an expression which suggested that she was not impressed by her achievement and that expression was captured in a photo which went viral on the internet. It has since then spawned various memes on the internet and made her a sort of internet sensation.

She suffered from an injury while performing on the Kellogg's Tour in September of 2012 which caused her to take a break from gymnastics for a while. However, she returned in 2013 better than ever and won the gold medal in the vault event in the World Championship.

She had to undergo surgery of the knee in 2014 and her nation was waiting for her to make a grand return like in the past. However, this would not be the case as she soon announced her retirement from gymnastics career with the cause of health issues. There is no doubt that Maroney was one of the valued national team member and her untimely retirement left many people sad.