Diana Belbita

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Facts of Diana Belbita

Full Name
Diana Irena Belbita
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Career & Net worth

$2 million

Diana Belbita, born on June 26, 1996, is a mixed martial artist of Romanian-Canadian descent, actively participating in the Strawweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Having previously achieved recognition as a world and European kempo champion, she has also competed as a challenger in RXF and KSW championships.

Net Worth & Contracts

Diana Belbita boasts an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Diana-Belbita Diana-Belbita has a net worth of $2 millionImage Source: Instagram 

The Romanian-Canadian mixed martial artist has inked a deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), formally joining the Nevada-based promotion on April 23, 2019. She actively competes in the Strawweight division.

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Diana Belbita's Early Career Struggles

Diana Belbita initiated her professional MMA journey in 2014 and encountered early financial challenges. With a foundation in kickboxing, karate, and Kempo, she secured her professional status in 2014 and went on to achieve the prestigious titles of European and world Kempo champion. Additionally, she emerged as a challenger in both the RXF and KSW championships.

Belbita spent a considerable period competing under the Real Xtreme Fighting banner, experiencing only one defeat to former UFC fighter Cristina Stanciu. Notably, she also participated twice in KSW, a prominent MMA promotion in Europe. After accumulating notable victories and attaining a commendable record of 13-4, Belbita caught the attention of the UFC, earning a contract in 2019.

Her UFC debut took place in the same year, where she faced Molly McCann.

Injury Dilemma: Unraveling Diana Belbita's Arm Injury

Diana Belbita encountered a substantial arm injury in her match against Molly McCann at UFC Vegas 85. Although initial apprehensions pointed towards a potential broken arm, subsequent confirmation ruled out any fractures. 

However, Belbita conveyed a sensation resembling a torn ligament. The severity of the injury and the anticipated recovery duration hinge on the outcomes of the upcoming MRI and additional medical assessments.

Is Diana Dating Anyone?

Diana is romantically involved with Cameron VanCamp, a professional mixed martial artist known for his expertise in both MMA and bare-knuckle boxing. While the couple has chosen to maintain a certain level of privacy about their relationship, they frequently share glimpses of their connection through photos on their respective social media accounts.

Diana-Belbita Diana-Belbita with her boyfriendImage Source: Instagram 

Despite not providing extensive details about their romantic journey, the shared images offer a visual narrative of their bond, providing fans and followers with a subtle but meaningful insight into their relationship.

Diana Belbita's Take on Andrew Tate Controversy:

Diana Belbita has recently shared her perspective on the Andrew Tate situation, addressing the controversies surrounding the social media personality and his brother Tristan.

Contrary to the negative portrayal often associated with them, Belbita holds the belief that the Tate brothers are not the villains they are made out to be. Having known them for an extended period through a mutual friend, she attests to their consistent kindness towards her.

In light of this, Belbita advocates for fans to cut the Tate brothers some slack, emphasizing that their true nature is not as detrimental as public perception may suggest.

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Diana Belbita's UFC Journey: A Compilation of Key Fights

Diana Belbita has engaged in significant matches throughout her UFC career, including notable encounters such as UFC Fight Night 229 Prelims, where she faced the resilient Karolina Kowalkiewicz and experienced a Decision, Split outcome. 

Diana-BelbitaDiana-Belbita after winning a matchImage Source: Instagram 

Additionally, her participation in UFC on ESPN 6 - Reyes vs. Weidman showcased a compelling bout against Molly McCann, concluding with a Decision, Unanimous result. Other impactful fights include UFC on ESPN 13 - Kattar vs. Ige, where Belbita secured victory over Liana Jojua with a Submission, Armbar.

Noteworthy decisions were also rendered in her favor in contests like UFC Fight Night: Walker vs. Hill against Gloria de Paula and UFC 289: Nunes vs. Aldana against Maria Oliveira. Collectively, these bouts highlight some of her most memorable performances within the UFC organization.

Belbita's Success on the World Stage in MMA

Diana Belbita's career is adorned with numerous accolades and titles, underscoring her outstanding proficiency and accomplishments in mixed martial arts (MMA). As a former world and European Kemmpo champion, along with her notable challenges in RXF and KSW championships, Belbita has solidified her reputation in the MMA realm.

Further attesting to her prowess, she clinched the national champion title in Unifight and triumphed with two European Championships in the same discipline. These achievements not only highlight her success but also affirm her standing and acknowledgment within the broader MMA and martial arts community.

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