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John Morris
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John Morris
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Maggie May
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Maggie May
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Earle Morris
Maureen Morris
Sarah Mo and Marishka
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$1 Million


Married to
Maggie May
Currently Married
Maggie May
Relationship Status

John Morris is a highly accomplished Canadian curler who is known for his achievements and contributions to the sport. He is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and was a member of the Kevin Martin team until April 24, 2013.

During his junior career, Morris led his Ottawa Curling Club rink to three consecutive Ontario provincial junior Men's titles from 1997 to 1999. He also secured victories in the 1998 and 1999 Canadian and World Junior Championships, setting skip records in the process. Morris later joined the Cotter rink, playing as a skip and throwing third rocks alongside teammates Tyrel Griffith and Rick Sawatsky.

John Morris Early Life: John's Dad Invented Curling "Stabilizer"

John Morris is a Canadian curler born on December 16, 1978, in Manitoba, Canada. He spent his childhood in Gloucester, Ontario (now part of Ottawa) and started curling at the Navy Curling Club at the young age of five. John Morris' parents are Maureen and Earle Morris. His father, Earle Morris is credited as the inventor of the curling "Stabilizer," a tool widely used by curlers, and is also a former Candian Curler.

JohnJohn Morris' Dad and Son fishing together.  SOURCE: Instagram: @johnnymo_7

Regarding his education, John Morris attended Drury University. John Morris grew up with his sister siblings, Sarah Mo and Marishka. John's Father, Earle Morris has an estimated net worth of $1-$3 Million, but the exact detail about his father's net worth is unavailable.

John Morris Curling and Firefighter Career: John Curling Stats and Playing Style

John Morris has achieved great success in the sport, winning two Olympic gold medals, one in 2010 and another in 2018. Additionally, Morris has secured three Briers, one World Championship, and an impressive 11 Grand Slam titles. His role as third for the Kevin Martin team until April 24, 2013, showcased his exceptional skills and contribution to the team's success.

John John Morris on the right, also enjoys fishing. SOURCE: Instagram: @johnnymo_7

Morris is recognized for his sweeping prowess and his ability to execute powerful shots with precision. His sweeping abilities and skill in throwing big-weight shots have contributed to his achievements on the ice. Off the ice, Morris has shared his expertise through his book titled "Fit to Curl," which emphasizes the physical and mental preparation required for excellence in the sport of curling. The book likely provides valuable insights into the training and mindset necessary for success in the game.

Outside of curling, Morris serves as a firefighter with the Chestermere Fire and Rescue Department in Alberta. Known for his calm demeanor and ability to deliver clutch shots under pressure, Morris has left an indelible mark on the sport of curling. Eve Muirhead, Cathy Gauthier, Bo Levi Mitchell, and Bob Cole are some of the curler players like John Morris. 

John Morris Net Worth, Salary, and Career Earnings: How Rich is John the Canadian Curler?

John Morris has an estimated net worth of $1 million. As John is the son of the inventor of the Curling "Stabilizer," he is expected to inherit his father's assets and net worth, which may contribute to the growth of his wealth. As the popularity of Curling sports continues to rise, Morris's net worth has the potential to increase in the future, especially if he develops exceptional skills and achieves remarkable success in the game.

JohnJohn Morris cooking with his children.  SOURCE: Instagram: @johnnymo_7  

Although Morris's career earnings have not been disclosed, it is suggested that curlers earn more from championship prizes rather than salaries offered by teams or curling organizations. Morris has represented various teams, including the Glencoe Club and Team Canada, and there seems to be a connection with Team Homan as well. As a private individual who values his family's privacy, Morris has not shared sensitive financial details with the public, including information about his salary.

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John Morris Endorsement Earnings: How much does John earn from Sponsorships

There is a lack of reliable information regarding the endorsement earnings of John Morris, the curler. Upon analyzing his Instagram posts, it appears that Morris has not actively engaged in endorsements or sponsorships. Although he has participated in promoting the brands @silkroadspices and @botanicahealth.

The specific details about the nature and extent of this involvement have not been disclosed with the brand, Silkroad Spices and Botanica Health. It is evident that Morris has not emphasized or publicly shared information related to endorsement deals, and his social media presence does not indicate significant involvement in brand partnerships or sponsorships.

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John Morris's Wife, Maggie May: Morris and Maggie are Parents of Two

John Morris is happily married to Maggie Morris, and together they have two children. Their eldest child, a son named Jack, was born in 2018, while their second child was born in 2019. Morris has chosen to keep the exact birth details of his children away from the public eye.

JohnJohn Morris with his wife and Children.  SOURCE: Instagram: @johnnymo_7

Although he occasionally shares glimpses of his family on his Instagram account, he has not disclosed specific information or the name of his second child. Morris values his privacy as a loving husband and family man, and he prefers to keep these personal details protected from prying eyes.

While observing Morris's Instagram posts, it is worth noting that there is a possibility he may have three children. However, there is no concrete information available to confirm this theory. Morris remains discreet about the details of his children.

John Morris has not provided public disclosures or substantial information regarding their identities or additional family members. It is evident that Morris prioritizes the privacy and well-being of his family above sharing personal information with the general public.


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