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PSR 16 Jul,2023

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Rachel Homan
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Rachel Catherine Homan
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Shawn Germain
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Ryatt Mitch Germain and Bowyn Germain


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Married to
Shawn Germain
Currently Married
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Rachel Homan is a highly accomplished Canadian curler who has achieved remarkable success in her career. She has secured the title of Canadian National Champion three times and earned the prestigious distinction of being a World Champion in 2017.

Rachel skillfully led her squad to victory in the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in both 2013 and 2014. Renowned for her aggressive playing style and exceptional precision in high-pressure situations, Homan has consistently delivered remarkable performances on the ice.

Rachel Homan Early Life: When Did Homan Start Curling?

Rachel Homan's journey in curling began at an early age when she joined the Little Rock program at the Rideau Curling Club in Ottawa at just five years old. Her talent and dedication were evident from the start, and she quickly made a name for herself in the sport.

RachelRachel Homan with her teammate  SOURCE: Instagram- @homan89

As a bantam-aged player, Homan achieved an extraordinary feat by winning four consecutive provincial championships from 2003 to 2006, surpassing the achievements of any other curler in her age category. During her junior career, Homan continued to excel, showcasing her skills on a national and international level.

Rachel participated in two Canadian Junior Curling Championships, finishing as a runner-up in 2009 and securing the championship title in 2010. Her success extended to the global stage, as she earned a silver medal at the 2010 World Junior Curling Championships.

Rachel Homan Curling Career: Homan Curling Team Members

Rachel Homan has consistently ranked among the country's top curlers over the past decade. As a skip, she has achieved remarkable success, clinching numerous championships. Notably, Homan emerged victorious in the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in 2013, 2014, and 2017, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the sport.

RachelRachel Homan has an estimated net worth of $200,000  SOURCE: Instagram- @homan89

Homan's talent and dedication have also earned her the opportunity to represent Canada in international competitions, including the prestigious Winter Olympics. Her participation on the international stage further highlights her exceptional skills and contributions to the sport of curling.

As of June 2023, Homan's curling team comprises Tracy Fleury, Emma Miskew, and Sarah Wilkes. Tracy Fleury joined Homan's team in March 2022, adding depth and experience to the lineup. However, the specific position Fleury holds within the team's formation has yet to be announced, keeping fans and spectators eager to see how this talented group will perform together on the ice.

Rachel Homan Curler Net Worth: Professional Curler Salary

While the exact figure of Rachel Homan's net worth has not been disclosed by the athlete herself, it is estimated to be at least $500,000. It is important to note that the salaries of professional curlers can vary significantly depending on various factors such as their ranking, skill level, and endorsements.

Rachel Rachel Homan celebrating Christmas with Family.  SOURCE: Instagram- @homan89

According to available information, the average salary for a professional curler ranges between $30,000 and $40,000 per season. However, it is worth mentioning that some of the highest-paid players in the sport earn well over $100,000 per season. Rasmus Wrana, Niklas Edin, Brad Gushue, and Joanne Courtney are some of the famous curlers.

Although specific details regarding Rachel Homan's salary are not readily available, it is common for professional curlers to engage in other professional endeavors alongside their sporting careers. They often work diligently to promote and maintain the integrity of the sport while striving to garner as much attention and support as possible. 

Rachel Homan Prize Money, and Sponsorships: Know about Team Homan's New Lead

Homan has secured several sponsorship deals as a professional curler. In 2013, her team partnered with Pinty's, a Canadian food company that was part of their curling portfolio. Homan has been sponsored by other companies such as Adidas and Goldline Curling, but specific details about these endorsements are not provided in the available information.

RachelRachel Homan during Mother's Day.  SOURCE: Instagram- @homan89

Homan has achieved significant success in the sport. In 2013, she won the Scotties Tournament of Hearts which is the Canadian women's national curling championship. Rachel earned prize money of $15,500. She repeated this feat in 2014, once again winning the Scotties Tournament of Hearts and receiving the same prize money.

In 2017, Homan emerged victorious in the Ontario Scotties Tournament of Hearts earning $5,000 in prize money. In 2021, she reached the final of the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, securing a substantial prize of $100,000. Tracy Fleury joined Team Homan as the new lead in March 2022.

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Hot Canadian Curler, Rachel Homan's Husband, Shawn Germain: Know about the Married life of Hot Curler

Rachel and Shawn became engaged marking an important milestone in their relationship in 2016. The couple took the next step in their journey by exchanging wedding vows on July 29, 2017. Their wedding ceremony took place at the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica in Ottawa, Ontario.

RachelRachel Homan with her husband, Shawn Germain.  SOURCE: Instagram- @homan89

Rachel looked radiant in a strapless white wedding dress adorned with a sweetheart neckline and a full skirt, showcasing her elegant style on their special day. Following the ceremony, the couple celebrated their union with a reception held at the Canadian Museum of History which was located in Gatineau, Quebec.

It was a joyous occasion shared with family and friends, creating lasting memories of their wedding day. To embark on their post-wedding adventure, Rachel and Shawn chose Hawaii as their honeymoon destination. The tropical paradise offered them a chance to relax and enjoy their newlywed bliss.

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Hot Canadian Curler Shares Two Children with her Husband, Shawn Germain

Rachel Homan and her husband Shawn Germain have built a beautiful family together. They have two children, their son Ryatt Mitch Germain was born in June 2019, weighing six pounds and two ounces. The birth of their son brought immense joy and love into their lives.

RachelRachel Homan is the mother of two kids.  SOURCE: Instagram- @homan89

They added new a new member to their family, a daughter named Bowyn Germain whose birth details have been kept away from the limelight. Rachel and Shawn have remained committed to their relationship and have embraced the joys and challenges of parenthood together.

Rachel faces the realities of the sport's financial landscape as a professional curler. While curling is a captivating and demanding sport, the average salary for professional curlers typically ranges between $30,000 and $40,000 per season.

Rachel receives invaluable support from her husband, Shawn Germain, and her family and friends. They help take care of their children while she competes in tournaments, allowing her to focus on her career without sacrificing her family responsibilities.

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